YouTube Music launched in India

Online music / YouTube Music launched in India, Premium service with no advertising will be available in just 99 rupees..

youtube music new update,youtube music new update in india

It can be downloaded as an online web player and downloaded by app.

In India there are millions of songs in its 11 languages library including Hindi, English.

While minimizing the user, the songs will continue to play in the background, which is not currently in the YouTube video.

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Music Market

youtube music new update,youtube music new update in india

Google has knocked the digital music market of more than Rs 3,000 crore annually in India. On Monday Google has officially launched YouTube Music and Premium services in India, two music services for YouTube, on its video streaming site. Both of these services were introduced in June 2018 in 17 countries, including the United States. Eight months later, it has now been launched in India.
This is YouTube's service that will hit the market. The company offers two types of services, the first YouTube music is free and ad-supported, and the second YouTube Music Premium in 99 pad and ad free on monthly expenses. 3 month free subscription offer of YouTube Music Premium is also available. However, they will get the benefit of this offer, who have not used any of Google's streaming services before.

Youtube music service

youtube music new update,youtube music new update in india

YouTube Music Premium will also include Original Songs, Albums, Thousands Playlists and Artist Radio, along with remixes, live performances, cover songs and music videos Youtube's own catalog.

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Youtube premium

youtube music new update,youtube music new update in india

YouTube Premium service is available at Rs. 99 per month. Along with this, one month free membership of YouTube Music Premium will also be available. Apart from this, premium users will get YouTube Originals like Cobra Kai's add-on experience. Such users will also be able to play video in the background on the regular YouTube app and also the option of offline downloads.

Five Big Talks about YouTube Music

youtube music new update,youtube music new update in india

This app is completely personalized and has many options in it. For example, the user will be able to listen to songs of many choices in addition to the artist, genre, type of his choice.

Users will also be able to watch their videos with latest MP3 Song. Even after minimizing it, the song will continue to run on it. This means that the user will be able to listen to music in the background, while youtube video does not have this feature.

As soon as you select an artist in this app, it itself also organizes songs from other artists similar to yours. This is the most spectacular feature ever.

The app allows users to download songs as well as create an album of their choice. Apart from this, if you search something in the app then Google has made it even easier.

If you want to take advantage of features like no add, then you have to take a YouTube premium version. For this, the user will have to pay 99 rupees.

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