Prepare Herbal And Natural Colours For Holi,The Color Of Love Will Be Deep..

If you want to make your holi safe and good please use herbal colour, if you don't want to buy herbal colours from market, you can also make herbal colours at home at a very low cost, you can prepare herbal colours at home, Using these colors will glow your skin and care them for free..

Holi festival is incomplete without colors and gulals. Colored colors are only Holi's life. When you put a color on other cheeks' with love, the love increases. On holi, enemies also embrace each other and become friends. But with the Holi, the business of chemical colors starts in the market. At Holi, there is a lot of chemical colors and gulals in the market. These colours and gulals containing chemicals are harmful to our skin, and if they go into the eyes then our eyes can go up to light. Therefore, nowadays herbal colors made from the use of flower leaves are becoming popular among the people they are natural and safe too, But the herbal colors are very expensive in the market, why do not you prepare herbal colors for Holi at home..

safe holi with natural colours,prepare natural holi colour at home

Holi is on 21st March. In such a way, you have a whole time to make herbal colors from everything you can with the intake of the whole house and this time make the holi safe. You can use beetroot, henna and flowers from your kitchen to make herbal color, Like every year, even if you are preparing to use synthetic colors, then still there is time. These synthetic colors made from chemicals can also cause serious damage to you, By using chemicals instead of the herbal or natural color, you use the gulal to protect Holi not only yourself but also others. They save water and protect the environment, Holi is not a festival today but it has been celebrated since ancient times. In ancient times, there were no chemical colors for Holi. Rather, people used to prepare colors by using flowers, fruits and vegetables in homes. So why not make you a memorable moment of the festival of Holi by using the colors prepared in this way.

safe holi with natural colours,prepare natural holi colour at home

Traditional way- Holi Flowers

Do not Confuse, Holi flowers mean the flowers of Tesu  and Palash. These flowers are a traditional source of beautiful colors of Holi.

Natural colors are prepared by boiling the flowers of Tesu in water and leaving it overnight. This method is quite old. Gulal is also prepared by drying these flowers. Used in worship also. It is said that Lord Krishna also played Holi with the Tesu flower with gopis.

                     हर दिन खाए एक मुट्ठी बादाम होंगे ये 7 अदभुत फायदे

Red color
Sandalwood powder is the source of beautiful red color for gulal. It can be used like red gullet. It is beneficial for skin and is usually used in face pack etc.

Apart from this, red color or gulal can also be made using red rose flowers. Dry these flowers for gulas and make powder. To increase its volume, add flour to it and use it as a gullet. To make sandalwood red, boil two tablespoons of red sandalwood powder in five liters of water and boil twenty liters of water. The color of red pomegranate can also be prepared by boiling water.

To make orange color
soak rosemary in water throughout the night and use this water to play Holi in the morning. Collected at extremely low prices, orange color for your holi.

safe holi with natural colours,prepare natural holi colour at home

To make blue color
You need to use blueberry juice to make blue color.

Black or brown color
 Black grapes juice can be mixed in water or brown turmeric powder mixed with a little baking soda and brown color can be prepared.

Purple color
 Take a kilogram of beetroot and put it in a liter of water and leave it overnight. This will create a thick purple color.

safe holi with natural colours,prepare natural holi colour at home

To make a green color
If you like green, keep it warm, add green water to the spinach. By the morning you will get green color ready.

If you want to make a dry color to play Holi, then add some drops of rice in the rice flour, mix it with 2 Table-spoon water, so that it becomes like a thick paste. Leave it to dry. After drying, run in the mix. Collect Your Herbal Dry Colors To Play Holi.

Now, to make colors, take fruit, flowers and vegetables from the market and start preparing to make gulas from today, so that Holi is safe for you with your children and other family members, Play holi with natural colours, share happiness, kill all the negative things and thought this holi.

               यात्रा के दौरान दिल के दौरे के लक्षणों को अनदेखा न करें..

A Very Happy And Safe Holi To You And Your Family. ( होली है )


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