No one else will be able to login your Facebook anymore,This feature will give you a alert

The legendary social media platform Facebook has Billions of users in the world. Social media keeps people connected to each other, Many Facebook users have been using it for years. But we still worry about its privacy.

facebook unrecognised login,login alert for facebook for android

Users can also have a lot of serious tensions about their social accounts. We have seen many security settings in our account in Facebook but we do not have complete informations about it. Lets check it:-

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Social media

facebook unrecognised login,login alert for facebook for android

In this post we are telling you about a feature thats given a Extra Security in your Facebook settings. So let's know about it :

Follow these steps :

1. To activate this settings, First you have to open your Facebook.

2. On the right hand side of your account, there are three dots on top which you have to tap.

3. You will get the setting option here. You will now have a new page open in front of you.

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Facebook Security And Login

facebook unrecognised login,login alert for facebook for android

4. Here you will find many multiple options, from which you have to click on the Security & Login option.

5. Scrolling a little downwards, you will see 'Setting Up Extra Security' option, tap on it.

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6. Now you will get the option of (Get Alerts about Unrecognized Logins), in front of which you will see the Edit button.

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Facebook login alert

facebook unrecognised login,login alert for facebook for android

7. You have to tap on this option and you will see three options 'Notification', 'Messenger' and 'Email'.

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8. In front of these three options, you will see two boxes, 'Get Notification' and 'Do not Get Notification'.

9. In this, you have to be able to tick on 'Get Notification'. Then tap on Save Changes.

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After completing this process, your Facebook will give you a alert if someone else try to login in your account.


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